Methamphetamine Syndicate Arrests

Wellington Police have arrested seven people for involvement in methamphetamine dealing.

Over the past month, police have been investigating the methamphetamine dealing of a 53-year old man.

The seven people arrested will face charges for further drug activity and possession of drug utensils.

$40K cash was found during the police searches, along with 50 grams of methamphetamine.

Detective Senior Sergeant Tim Leitch of the Wellington District Drugs and Organised Crime team said:

“This syndicate is believed to have been active for a significant period of time dealing methamphetamine to people in the central city. The investigation has also uncovered the regular trading of stolen property, including phones, designer bags and jewellery in exchange for drugs by the syndicate.”

“Our investigation has again shown the terribly damaging effects that methamphetamine abuse and addiction has on the lives of everyday New Zealanders and their families. The investigation team is making contact with each of the people identified as customers of this syndicate to provide advice and referral to support agencies who can help them to confront and deal with any drug-related problems affecting them and their families.”Drugs

“We are also offering support to the people charged, so that the intervention by Police can be turned into a positive start point to face their own addiction challenges, where applicable, and reduce the detrimental impact and affects their drug use is having on them.”]

Photo provided by Wellington District Police

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