New Zealand is set have a visible meteor shower on early Saturday morning.

The best time for viewing is 4-6am, according to EarthSky.

This is called the Eta Aquariid meteor shower, which has occured once before in 2013 (see image). The forecast for this year calls for the greatest number of Eta Aquariid meteors before dawn on May 5 or 6.

Give yourself at least an hour of viewing time for watching any meteor shower. Meteors tend to come in spurts that are interspersed by lulls. Also, it can take as long as 20 minutes for your eyes to adapt to the dark.

You need no special equipment to watch a meteor shower, but a little luck always helps. Meteor watching is a lot like fishing. Sometimes you catch a good number of them and sometimes you don’t.

Let’s hope for clear skies and remember to set your alarm early!

-Information from Earthsky website, read more here:

Peak of Eta Aquariid meteor shower

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