A petition asking for dogs to be allowed on public transport is nearing the target of 1000 signatures on change.org.

Lulu Rupert who started the petition, wants Wellington to become a fully dog friendly city. To Lulu, this means that dogs should be allowed on public transport alongside their humans. Currently this is not allowed under council by-laws, leaving owners the only option of owning a car, or walking, to get into the city with their dogs.

One of the potential options for this Lulu suggested is that public transport should be divided into sections of ‘pets allowed’ and ‘no pets allowed’ so that dog lovers can take their dogs through the city, and people who don’t want to be near dogs can still get their space.

Another suggested option was that dogs be allowed on public transport only at certain times, e.g. the weekend.

Lucy also suggests that dogs travelling on public transport must be specially registered as a “Companion Pet allowed on Transport” through the Council. They must have passed Advance Training (like the requirement for RDO status) and have proven to be well-behaved in social situations (with people and other dogs). Along with this, dogs over a certain weight limit must be muzzled to ensure safety of other passengers.

Dogs are already allowed on public transport in other parts of the world, so Lulu thinks Wellington should be the same.

The petition currently has 877 signatures, with a target of 1000 to take the council.

One signer, Rebecca Bird commented: “I value sustainable transport and often wish I could take my dog on the train- I end up having to drive as there is no other feasible way to cover large distances. I really support this initiative particularly after traveling in Europe and seeing how straightforward it actually is (and how well behaved dogs are when this is the norm). Let’s do it Wellington!

You can view the petition here:

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