Over 1000 houses without power

In Naenae there are currently over 1000 homes without power due to an outage.

There were eye witness reports of a large flash in the sky right before the power went out.

Wellington Electricity says their Network Control Room has advised of a Feeder fault causing a power outage to the area.

1100 customers are affected including these streets:

Known affected areas:
Bertram Grove, Naenae
Bush Street, Naenae
Butler Street, Naenae
Chapman Crescent, Naenae
Collett Street, Naenae
Dempsey Street, Naenae
Fleet Street, Naenae
Glenbrook Grove, Naenae
Grierson Street, Naenae
Harris Street, Naenae
Haven Grove, Naenae
Hewer Crescent, Naenae
Kerkwall Drive, Naenae
Kowhai Street, Naenae
Mayo Grove, Naenae
Meldrum Street, Naenae
Naenae Road, Naenae
Prouse Crescent, Naenae
Rata Street, Naenae
Rimu Street, Naenae
Shearer Crescent, Naenae
Sladden Street, Naenae
Strand Crescent, Naenae
Swainson Street, Naenae
Treadwell Street, Naenae
Waddington Drive, Naenae
Westbury Street, Naenae
Wilkie Crescent, Naenae

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