Cat Shot by Air Gun in Upper Hutt

The family cat with his owner

A missing cat has been found shot by an air rifle near Cecil Street, Upper Hutt, and may not be able to survive.

“Gingey” The family cat went missing for 2 days, but little did the owners know, he had been devastatingly shot in his spine with a metal bullet. Left in massive pain, and unable to move, the cat became stuck under a log. The owners believe he was shot on the morning of Thursday the 22nd of June.

The owner found him by calling out, and hearing the howls of pain.

Immediately taken to the vet, a bullet was found lodged in his spine.

On Tuesday the decision will have to be made whether to put him down or not, as he may never be able to move his back legs again, or have control of his bowel which is affected by the wound.

The owners are absolutely devastated and don’t understand how someone could do this to such a friendly cat.

“It’s sickening, I can’t even eat anything. We’re all heartbroken over this. I hope the criminal who did this someday gets caught and punished for his disgusting inhumane acts.”

If you know anyone in the area who owns an air gun, please talk to them, and contact the police if they act suspiciously.

What this person has done is illegal and cruel, and needs to be found and stopped.

If you have a cat in the area we recommend keeping an eye on them in case this attacker is out to shoot more cats for fun. It is very unlikely that this was an accidental shot.

“It’s very confusing, upsetting, disturbing and we just want justice for our little fur baby because if we have to put him down over this, we’ll be forever heart broken. He’s not just a family pet that we bought. He literally walked into my dads life, during a very hard time, and stuck by him ever since the day he brushed up against his legs. So my dad gave him a home, put a cat door in the laundry door, gave him a bed and food bowl and water and unconditional love. He was very skinny and unhealthy when he first came into our lives, but we fixed him up and got him happy, healthy, and got some good weight on him. But already, he looks the way he did in the beginning right now. Like he’s in survival mode.”

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