Many Wellingtonians are unhappy with the state of Wellington train transport during the peak hours (morning & evening).

During peak hours, the trains are fully packed, often with more people standing than sitting. The temperatures soar high as the number of people increase, and the air gets stuffy. Brydie Rose has had enough of this and has written an open letter to Metlink:

“To say that I am disgusted at this morning’s service on the Hutt Valley line is an understatement.

This is not the first time, this service is like this most mornings but this morning was the worst.

I caught the Train that leaves Upper Hutt Station at 7:30am and arrives in Wellington Station at 8:18am – the train was hot and stuffy when you walk on (normal), there was no seats so approx 90% of the people from my stop were standing as were a few other people from the previous stop. Standing on the train is fine, I don’t have an issue with that, its when we stopped at the next stop (Waterloo Station) that we were then packed in like sardines and the heat became unbearable.

Some people may have no issue with being packed in like an animal off to the meat works and having to be up close and personal with complete strangers but others cannot cope, anxiety kicks in and it becomes a nightmare.

This morning a young man was so hot, he was sweating so badly that most of his work shirt was covered in sweat, when he got off the train he sat straight on the ground as he had overheated and became very distressed, he was on his phone calling someone to come and collect him or bring him a new shirt.

This was a young man and he was of a fit build. I felt so bad for him and was shocked that it got that bad, it is appalling.

I myself was overheating and sweating and could only keep thinking “when can I get off this train into fresh air”, this is NOT want you want before a long day at work.

What I don’t understand is if you cannot provide more carriages on the busy peek runs (I am unsure why this cannot be provided) then why is there no air flow or Air con, we are not in winter anymore and even if we were it would still be unbearable.

The train doesn’t open its doors for a long trip into the city and with the sun streaming in like it was this morning it is a muggy hot mess inside.

I understand that there is another train that runs just after this train, it stops at every station on the way but the timing does not work out for a lot of people. If taking an earlier train was a solution then I would do that but my partner catches an earlier one and it is much the same.

Something needs to be done! SORT IT OUT METLINK!”
(Brydie Rose)

Many others have expressed concern at the state of our trains also.

“This is why I never catch the train anymore.. I have seen many a person almost pass out over the years”

“As the population as grown rapidly no-one in charge seems to understand the impact that is having on services – This Government should be making funding available to encourage the use of public transport before we end up in gridlock as bad as Auckland…so lacking in insight, planning, and vision for the future”

“That was me last year, heavily pregnant and standing in the sardine crush….no one offered me a seat until after I collapsed.”

What do you think about peak hour trains in Wellington? Does something need to be done urgently to improve our services? Comment on our Facebook page!

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