Election Campaigners by SH2 Motorway

SH2 Intersection at Melling. Photo by Jen Bhati

Election campaigners have been taking risky steps to get their signs in front of drivers eyes.

Three campaigners were spotted right beside the SH2 Melling Intersection in Lower Hutt today.

They appeared dangerously close to the Melling line train track, concerning those nearby. The Melling track ends a lot further back due to a train crash previously, so it is unlikely that they are a risk to the trains unless they were to walk along the tracks.

Jen Bhati saw this and said in her post:

“Don’t really think that this is an appropriate place for electioneering! Drivers going 100km/hr need to focus on the road not these numptys!

If a shop can’t have a static sign on the side of a main road in a 50km area then this can’t also be allowed!”

Do you think this is responsible campaigning or is this spot too dangerous for distracting drivers?

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