A 3 and 5 year old got out of the train before their mum with a pram – but the doors shut before she could get out.

A guard stood by and did nothing, leaving her in tears. The police were called to help the kids left stranded at the train station, but Metlink reportadly did nothing to help.

Read the post made by Lauren Petersen‎ below:

“Greater Wellington Regional Council you should be disgusted by the trauma I was put through today on your Metlink train service from Paraparaumu to Paremata (or should I say Porirua)!! I am a mother of three young girls aged 5, 3 and 1. We decided on the first day of the school holidays to take a train trip to Paraparaumu for the day.

All was well until our return, we arrived at Paremata train station. I organised my older two children to step off the train in front of me which they did in a very well behaved manner, I then proceeded to push my 1 year old daughter off in her pram at which time the doors closed on the front of the pram!!!! I tried to push the button on the doors to open again and the train started to move. The guard next to me did nothing and I couldn’t find an emergency stop button!!!!

The guard then left and I was standing crying on the train with my 1 year old and the last thing I saw was my 3 and 5 year olds running down the train platform crying. I got to Porirua where the train guards were trying to figure out when the next train going back would be there to take me!!!!!!

By this time I was on the phone to the police who were trying to locate my children at Paremata station. Luckily for me and my children a very kind member of the public offered to take me and my 1 year old back to Paremata station.

No train staff took my details or even tried to offer me anything more than the next train!

Fortunately when they were chasing the train there was no serious incident. The only thing they kept my mind occupied was the police on the phone telling me they could see them on the platform with CCTV cameras.

What concerns me is why a train guard can’t stop a train in an emergency situation and why all the people disembarking the train on the opposite platform at peak hour did not stop to check on two crying young girls standing alone on a platform. What society have we become!!!

By the time I had returned (roughly 25 mins) there was a very kind member of public standing with my girls who I couldn’t thank enough and all I know is his name is Richard. Also Darryl who drove me back with my daughter was an absolute life saver as no one else seemed interested in helping. If anyone knows either of these two people I would love to get in contact to thank them personally for their help today.

I am saddened that a childhood experience which most would remember as a highlight has now been tarnished in my children’s mind by en extremely frightening experience. Greater Wellington Regional Council it appears your Metlink Staff need some serious training! What if it was my daughter stuck stuck in the door not a pram!”

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