Spring has sprung! Now that the wild Wellington weather is calming down, it’s time to get lost outside. If you find yourself wandering over to the Botanic Gardens, here are some top spots among the 25 hectares. There are several paths among the gardens to stroll, to stop, and to smell the… gardens!

  1. Seasonal flower beds- Right now, tulips are in bloom. Upon entering the main gate on Glenmore Street, it’s sensory overload on dark purples, bright pinks and reds, vibrant yellows, and crisp whites. Don’t forget to look inside the flowers, too!
  2. Fragrant garden- just up a small path near the sound shell (where free concerts are often held in summer), and near the Treehouse visitor centre, is a small area devoted to nature’s loveliest scents. Stop, inhale, and you might even catch a glimpse of romance as some are known to get engaged to wed in this gorgeous little garden.
  3. Duck pond- following the path with magnolias and hydrangeas showing the way (and maybe a Bird of Paradise or two), you may hear some quacking. At the pond, ducks float and fight over who will get fed. Try to use food provided in the bin and not bread from home or else the ducks can get sick.
  4. Play Area- Up a steep path is the children’s play area complete with a flying fox, rocktopus, and big slides for older kids, and a small gated area for toddlers. A good way to pass the time with little ones, plus a breathtaking view!
  5. Lady Norwood Rose Garden- in the summer, this is a top spot next to the Begonia House, waterfall and peace garden. More than 3,000 roses- some taller than an adult- reach toward the sky. Be sure to look out for the Blue Moon rose, which I’ve declared the most fragrant.

What are your top spots in the Botanic Garden? Has anyone gone to see the glow worms?

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