Wellington needs to reduce water usage urgently

Further restrictions are likely to come into place within a week as the water levels in Wellington continue to drop.

According to Metservice, this November has had it’s second driest month ever. Many rural homes have already resorted to purchasing water as their own tanks have run dry.

A restriction on sprinklers & irrigation systems was put in place recently which helped to reduce usage, but this has slowly been creeping up.

Wellington Water asks everyone to reduce their usage to meet the target of 160ML / day.

How can you reduce your water usage?

– Place a bucket in the shower to collect water. You can then use this water for any plants you have.

– Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth.

– Reduce the number of times you flush your toilet.

– Have shorter showers, or share the shower with your partner.

– Don’t take baths.

– Only wash dishes when the load is full, or hand wash dishes to use less water.

– Instead of washing clothes, simply start wearing old clothes to reduce washing water until we can get some good rain.

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