$21,000 Raised for cat attacked brutally by dog

Over $21,000 has been raised on a givealittle set up to help Tom, the cat that was attacked by a dog whilst relaxing in Porirua.

Tom the cat is recovering and is well supported, however the attacking dog and owners are yet to be found. If you happen to know who the dog and their owners (a couple) could be, please contact the SPCA.

Here is an update message from the SPCA:

“We would like to give you all an update on Tom, the Porirua cat who was attacked by a dog on New Year’s Day. We are very happy to report that Tom’s condition is stable and he’s enjoying lots of love and attention from veterinary staff.

He has severe lacerations on his paws that are consistent with being dragged by the dog, he needs some dental work and is badly dehydrated which will require hospitalisation. His vet Charlotte has also confirmed that there’s a fracture to his pelvis, but he has already stood up in his cage and has movement in his tail, which is very promising. Tom is not out of the woods just yet and the next few days will be crucial to ensure he continues to show signs of improvement towards full recovery, which will include six long weeks of cage rest and lots more care.

Tom’s owner, Jan is very grateful for the kindness and support of members of the public who have so generously given money to cover Tom’s veterinary care following his attack. Funds given will be used to cover Tom’s ongoing veterinary costs and to support Jan in caring for him. With Jan’s support, any surplus funds will be used to cover SPCA Inspectorate costs, including the investigation into Tom’s attack. SPCA Inspectors respond to the almost 15,000 animal welfare complaints each year, just like Tom’s, rescuing neglected and abused animals and bringing animal offenders to justice.

A massive thank you to all the animal lovers who showed tremendous support to Tom and Jan. It is so comforting to know that during difficult and sad times, we have a community of caring people always willing to help <3 "

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