Winter seems to have arrived early in Wellington with storms and hail (that’s literally frozen ice!). You’re probably running straight to your heaters without thinking about that massive power bill coming your way…

Staying warm suddenly becomes a mission in this weather, and if you aren’t consious of what you do, it becomes very costly. We’ve put together our top tips to keep warm on the cheap this winter so you can stay warm, and not be broke!

1. Actually dress to the weather. It’s time to put away your summer shorts, t-shirts and dresses. Instead, wear your jeans, hoodies, jackets, boots and scarves. If you’re keeping your body warm, you won’t need to turn the heater up so high.

2. Keep all windows shut, and curtains closed. Heat will escape out of your windows and glass so you can keep the heat inside by having thick curtains.

3. Upgrade your house insulation. Heat will escape from your roof if your house isn’t properly insulated. The investment in insulation will pay off over time as you won’t need to use heaters so often.

4. Use the fireplace if you have one. A fireplace will warm up your house and bring your family together around it. Having a fire for warmth is obviously much cheaper than using a heater so you will save money.

5. Check if switching power companies could save you money over winter. Each power company has different pricing so making the switch to a cheaper company could save you hundreds this winter. Powershop is currently offering $150 credit if you switch to them, so it’s worth checking out! You can compare all power companies here.



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