Adiraj Gupta, CEO at Crypto Launchpad

Crypto Launchpad is a Wellington based company which was founded only 8 months ago by a local entrepreneur Adiraj Gupta and his Co-Founders Kerry McNulty & Steve MacDonald. Adiraj realized that crypto markets were unreliable, unpredictable, and untrustworthy. Realising that something needed to be done, he founded Crypto Launchpad with a mission to make the crypto world a safer place for everyone involved.

“In just the last month alone, we’ve witnessed one ICO raising over 1 Billion in an year long ICO without a product in market, and another using advisors and influences to raise millions, the latter disappearing and stopping correspondence with their supporters once the money was in their pockets.”

The start up company currently has a growing team of 15 with experience in a broad range of industries. Staff have experiences that range from working in senior roles within one of the world’s largest investment banks, to running government entities, to founding a blockchain cross border payment start up, with recent team members joining with experience Auditing Financial Services working at the big four consulting firms.

In order to help validate ICO’s from around the world, Crypto Launchpad uses a internally developed due diligence framework (Token Assessment Framework) to assess the strength of different cryptocurrency projects. Crypto Launchpad also has an independent advisory branch that can assist an ICO at any stage of the project. The advisory services range from White Paper analysis, to security penetration testing, to capital raising and everything in between as well as assistance in listing to Crypto Launchpad’s partner exchanges.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies can seem foreign and confusing terms to many people. The first cryptocurrency “Bitcoin” was created in 2008. The number of people who currently own ‘bitcoins’ is said to be between 13 – 28.5 million people (BitcoinMarketJournal). New Zealand currently has little to no regulation around cryptocurrencies outside of existing regulation which is updated to reflect emerging things in crypto, making the work that Crypto Launchpad does even more crucial to protect investors in cryptocurrencies from potential scams.

The company has developed a good relationship with the regulators and shares its learnings and asks for feedbacks frequently. This is quite important for projects that work with Crypto Launchpad as they can be assured things are done in a legal, compliant way. Something much needed in much of the market.

Next month, Crypto Launchpad will be holding a series of free events in association with NEM (a provider of blockchain services) across the country called ‘Blockchain 101.’ These events are open to anyone of any age who would like to learn what blockchain and cryptocurrencies are, and how to get involved. The Wellington event will be held on the 3rd July – Wellington: Tory Street BizDojo. RSVP here: (

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