The Matariki Fireworks sky show was scheduled for tomorrow evening, but has now been postponed till next Saturday.

A whale (which has been given the name Tyler Matariki) has been in Wellington harbour for the past 4 days.

Wellington – LIVE realised the potential threat of the fireworks to the whale yesterday morning, and created a poll on Facebook to see what people think. The poll recieved a massive responce, with over 15,000 votes. 84% of votes supported postponing the fireworks. The council then realised the wider concern about the whale and consulted with NIWA and DOC to see what the risks would be.

Today, Wellington City Council has announced that the fireworks will be postponed till next Weekend so the whale can avoid potential harm. Lets hope the whale sticks around for a while!

You can follow the whale and recieve updates about it’s whereabouts via his/her Facebook page:

Facebook Comments

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