The Ministry of Health has today announced 2 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 located in Wellington.

A man in his 30’s and his father recently traveled from Los Angeles to Auckland arriving 14th March, then to Wellington on Air New Zealand NZ419 on the same day. They sat on seats 1B and 1C.

If you were on this flight and experience symptoms or believe you had contact with these men, call Healthline on 0800 358 5453

There is current no information regarding the movements of these cases when in Wellington, however Ministry of Health says their movements were limited.

Read the below media release from Ministry of Health:

A Wellington man in his 30’s and his father in his 70’s have tested positive on their return from the United States. The man in his 30s became unwell on the flight and his father became unwell the day after they arrived.

Neither of the men required hospital care and both are recovering at home. Both travelled on American Airlines flight AA83 from Los Angeles to Auckland on seats 4a and 10h arriving Saturday14 March and then travelled to Wellington on Air New Zealand flight NZ419 on seats 1b and 1c that same day.

Contact tracing on flights covers the two seats in all directions: front, back, both sides and diagonal. This is supported by current evidence and is in line with the approach taken by European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

Healthline knows the seat numbers and will be able to advise anyone on the flight, whether they are considered a close contact.

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