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Wellington, NZ
Tuesday, November 21, 2017


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10 Free Things To Do In Wellington This Summer

It’s summer in Wellington, and here are our top 10 FREE things you should check out! Make sure to use #wellingtonlive when you post Welly photos on Instagram if you want us to share! 1. Adventure on the Town Belt With views so rewarding, the tracks along the town belt are a must-do adventure. You […]

10 tricks to make your home warmer!

We all know how cold winter in Wellington can be – and the expensive electricity bills for heaters are definitely not enjoyable! That’s why we’ve put together 10 tips & tricks to make your home warmer, without costing the earth! 1. Let sunlight in during the day When you wake up, make sure to open […]


Warning: Snapchat’s scary new feature shows where you live

Today Snapchat has released a stalkerish feature which shows your location on a map to all of your Snapchat friends. If you are a Snapchat user, or your kids are, you will need to get your settings sorted out on this immediately. The feature pops up when you open the camera and use two fingers […]


Over 2000 cat lovers come together

A Facebook group created for Wellington cat lovers / owners called “Cats of Wellington” gained over 2000 members within only 2 days. This shows just how much Wellingtonians love their cats! Over 400 posts have already been made by people introducing their cat, cats, or kittens along with photos, and adorable videos. If you’re the […]

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