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Light House Cinema

Sometimes you just want to blob out on the sofa and watch a movie. Doing that at home just isn’t the same as going to a cinema with a big screen, surround sound, and a collection of movie snacks for sale behind the counter. Light House Cinema has managed to capture that perfect at home on the sofa watching a movie vibe, while managing to add a fancy edge to it.


Being able to comfortably sit on a sofa seat at a cinema instead of being confined to a single seat is one of the perks of Light House Cinema’s. One little plus I’ve noticed is that with social distancing measures you can get an entire sofa to yourself if you go alone. Even with a group, there’ll be a gap between your group at the next which means no more having to fight for an armrest with the person next to you.



2020 saw the delay of so many brilliant films, and now they’re slowly trickling out. Getting the chance to see them in all their glory on the big screen is definitely worth it. There are plenty of days where tickets are cheaper, Mad Monday, Cheaper Tuesday, Senior Wednesday, and Student Thursday. Plus, the ten trip film cards are an added bonus to going to the cinema. For every nine tickets, you get a tenth for free. As a film fiend, that’s something I love.


Of course, you can’t go to the movies without snacks. Light House Cinema, you could say, moonlights as a café. With a humble selection of cabinet food and a range on coffees to choose from, you can take a sweet treat or a savoury meal (that will probably need a little extra salt) with you into your movie. You’ll get to experience just how tricky it can be to carry a full coffee cup into the cinema, but that caffeine buzz will surely be worth it.



Then there’s the snack bar and alcohol. With generous pours of wine to last you the whole movie, a can of G&T, or many a can of beer, there’s something for everyone. As for the snacks, Light House Cinema is a tad quirky. They don’t sell any popcorn. Scandalous, I know. A cinema selling popcorn would seem obvious, right? Well, not for Light House. Instead, they offer up pringles, lolly bags, and depending on which site you’re at either a range of Maltesers or a range of M&M flavours. Not quite the same but at least there’s something.


Another downside is the inflated cinema prices on all of the snacks. If you select a few items, or even just a bag of Jaffa’s, then expect your eyes to bug out of your head at the price.  Your wallet might thank you if you find a way to sneak snacks inside, but the staff might not when they have to clean up the popcorn you smuggled in and spilt all over the carpet.



But the shining light of all the snack and food options has to be the hand-rolled ice creams. With a selection of delectable Kapiti and tiptop flavours, you can choose to have them plain, or pay an extra fifty cents to crunch through a chocolate dip and have the delectable casing drip down your shirt in the dark cinema. Or maybe you’re a skilled chocolate-dipped ice cream eater and have figured out how to eat it so as not to cause a mess. Either way, I’m pretty sure the ice cream sales alone could keep the Light House afloat. They’d probably thrive if they branched out and opened up a few ice cream stores.


By Evelyn Daniels